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Christina McKnight Now Available Fortunes Final Folly

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Christina McKnight Historical Romance Author Novelist Meet Her

Videography by Nick Gustafson


  • “I have to say that I have read all of Christina McKnight’s books starting with Shunned No More. I loved them all! Scorned Ever More has to be her best. She warns us that all stories don’t have a happy ending. This story draws you in and keeps you rooting for the Marquis of Drake/Andrew. Hating Benji and Hoping that Lorelei will forget what her Father and country wants and will marry the right one. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat, make you shout and cry but is the absolute best book I have read in a very long time. Christina is really good at fleshing out the characters and the plot. She makes you feel what the characters feel and want what they want.”

    – Debbie
    (Scorned Ever More)

  • Christina McKnight has written a truly captivating book. This book has naivety, tragedy, remorse, revenge, mystery, redemption and a love story that will lift your heart. Lady Viola Oberbrook is partially responsible for the duel that caused the death of Brock Haversham’s twin brothers. She goes into seclusion and builds a new life breeding horses and providing funds for an orphanage that takes care of injured children. Brock has sworn revenge but when he learns of the betrayal already surrounding Lady Viola, he has to decide if he can follow through..

    – Julie
    (Shunned No More)

  • “I loved the heroine of this story. Aloria, is not your typical romance heroine. She’s does not have the perfect figure, the perfect wit, nor the sassy comebacks. Unlucky and jilted three times in relationships, Aloria has to watch while her best friend makes plans to marry the man that she was interested in.

    Enter our hero, Marcus, who is really close to going to debtor’s prison because of his late father’s gambling habits. Marcus needs a way out and sets his sights on Aloria who can give him an advantageous marriage. He did not expect to fall in love.

    Aloria is weary of all men and has trust issues, so it comes to no surprise that Marcus really has to work hard to win her heart. I wish more of the heroines I read about were like Aloria. So vulnerable, but yet so strong. This was definitely a satisfying story that kept me rooting for the underdog to the very end.

    – Aleen
    (The Siege of Lady Aloria)

  • This was a really great book, I couldn’t put it down. I was disappointed when I got to the end because that was it, no more pages. All that anguish that was heaped on Viola could have been avoided if she had not left London the way she did. I think it would have blown over quicker if she had stayed but to haul butt to the country the same day to potentially avoid scandal only created one that would not go away. She was only doing what had been drilled in her head, so who was to blame her or Society? The same goes for Brock. He was confusing his feelings of guilt for having not been in his brother’s lives and not being there when his father’s death. He put all the feelings into hating Viola and wanting revenge. Really funny how that worked out for the both of them. I look forward to reading about Ruby and Harold.

    – Gwen
    (Shunned No More)